We pride ourselves on our ability to evolve, innovate, and consistently deliver better value to our customers. Every product is informed by decades of engineering experience and industry know-how and is hand-tested to function flawlessly right out of the box. No matter what your water quality monitoring needs are, we have a solution designed to make your job easier.


6011M/6011EU pH/ORP/Temperature Basis Portable Meter

Portables ORP pH TEMP
The Basis Portable Series is Jenco’s latest iteration of our portable meters and represents a huge step forward for on-location water quality measurements.


Testers pH TEMP
A Bluetooth pH/temperature tester designed with the everyday user in mind. This tester pairs with Jenco’s free pH Bluetooth iOS or Android app to provide the simplest way to accurately measure pH and temperature readings....

6177M/6177EU pH/ORP/Temperature Basis Benchtop Meter

Benchtops ORP pH TEMP
The Basis Series pH/ORP/temperature benchtop pH meter is the latest entry-level meter from a line that is renowned for its reading quality, now with a refined user experience and improved usability. Renowned accuracy and repeatability...


Inlines ORP pH TEMP
Menu driven, sealed, backlit, pH/mV monitor/transmitter with tinned lead connectors.


Multi-parameter tester for measuring pH, conductivity, TDS, salinity and temperature


Testers pH TEMP
Worlds most advanced pH, temperature tester with date & time stamp and 50 memory data points.


Testers pH TEMP
Graphic LCD pH/temperature tester designed for Intuitive 1, 2 or 3 point calibration.


Testers pH TEMP
Large LCD display pH/temperature pocket tester, easy to use calibration procedure for the novice.


Testers pH
Easy to use, pocket pH pen without temperature for ambient temperature pH applications.


Testers pH
Easy to use pH pen with manual calibration. Ideal for all simple pH applications.


Inlines ORP pH TEMP
Menu driven, sealed, backlit, pH/mV monitor/transmitter with an isolated and reversible 4 to 20 mA current output for pH and mV. Tinned lead connectors.

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