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Expand your company’s product line to include water quality measurement instruments by using our team as an extension of yours. You get access to our in-house engineering, product management, production, quality assurance, and industrial design teams to meet your water quality product needs. With more than 45 years of proven innovation, our team can help you get to market faster.

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Why Jenco

Jenco is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and original design manufacturer (ODM) for leading companies around the world. Whether you just need to private label our existing Products (OEM), or you need a partner who can take on the entire design and manufacturing process from start to finish (ODM), our team can transform your vision into reality.

Unlike other manufacturers, Jenco requires no minimum order for OEM products and no upfront development feeds for ODM products. Talk with our team about which partnership makes sense for you based on your project needs as well as your organization’s capabilities and expertise.

How Jenco Works With You


Our team will conduct a needs analysis and provide expert recommendations for the most dynamic and functional product designs. If you’re handling research and development on your own, our team can turn your vision into reality on the production floor.


Jenco uses a continuous flow manufacturing process, allowing us to catch quality issues at the source. Our team conducts quality control for all product components before assembly, in production cells, and again after the product has been assembled (before it’s transferred into inventory). This type of production also allows us to create specific parts in specific quantities, so you can always meet fluctuating demand.


With nearly five decades of experience, our team knows what questions to ask and can anticipate challenges before they arise, keeping projects on schedule. We also have the manufacturing equipment, capacity, supplier connections, warehousing facilities, and logistical capabilities that make working with us faster than hiring staff, finding specialists, and getting up to speed on your own.

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