Wastewater treatment can be conducted in large-scale urban sewage treatment facilities, or in industrial facilities as a means of sanitizing and recycling wastewater created by the modern manufacturing process. Regardless of where treatment is taking place, users need a means of monitoring the wastewater sanitation process and ensuring the purity and safety of the end result.

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Sewage treatment typically requires three distinct levels of processing. At each stage, dissolved pollutants are filtered from the water and/or additional sanitizing agents are added. To make sure that the correct conditions and chemical levels are maintained, specific tests must be done before the water can pass through to the next treatment phase. This process requires automatic and continuous monitoring from a centralized location to streamline the testing and data collection process and enable real-time visibility into results. Because treatment is conducted in sealed-off containers, it’s important that the water quality instrument used can relay information from a remote or inaccessible location and withstand prolonged exposure to corrosive chemicals, pollutants, or extreme temperatures. In addition, all the data collected must be logged and organized in a coherent way for future reference by regulatory agencies.

Although wastewater treatment typically doesn’t need extremely precise data, readings must be reliable and repeatable. In addition, the equipment used must have low downtime and maintenance requirements. Some facilities are equipped with labs to conduct additional water quality testing or require routine spot measurements to double-check the accuracy of inline meters.

The nature of the substance being tested and the environmental conditions can vary at different points in the wastewater treatment process. To ensure accurate measurements and prolong the useful life of your equipment, it’s important to pair your meter with the right electrode for each context.

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