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How Bluetooth Is Changing Water Pollution Measurement

Throughout the history of mankind, clean water has always been a commodity. It is the single most important ingredient to our survival, but also a natural conduit for pollutants and diseases that continue to plague our world.

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What’s in the Water: 7 Common Characteristics That Water Quality Instruments Measure

Water plays a tremendously important role in modern manufacturing. Without water, it would be impossible to build products with metals, lumber, chemicals, paper, plastic, and more. For example, producing a single T-shirt requires 659 gallons of water—enough to keep a human alive for nearly two years.

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The Power of Bluetooth for Maintaining Pool and Spa Water Quality

In warm weather, having a pool can feel like the ultimate luxury. Maintaining a pool, however, can be a frustrating chore—especially if you don’t have the right information and tools to work with. In order to enjoy clean and beautiful water on sunny days, there are many chemical parameters you must maintain every day. This is especially true for commercial swimming pools, where any variations in water quality can have a negative impact on your business and your customers. For many pool owners, however, maintaining the right water quality is much easier said than done. Below, we’ve outlined why this is the case—and how Bluetooth testers are changing the game.

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