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Why Pool Water Turns Green and Other Common Pool and Spa Water Quality Issues

During the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro the swimming pools turned dark green. It turned out that a facility employee had accidentally dumped 160 liters of hydrogen peroxide into the pools, which canceled out the effects of chlorine, thereby supporting the growth of algae and other organic compounds.

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What It Takes to Develop a Mobile App for Water Quality Instruments

Mobile apps continue to transform the way we do business. No industry is immune from disruption as more apps enter the market every day. In the water quality industry, apps enable employees to get more done in less time, covering more ground along the way. Instead of having to physically inspect water quality, employees can use mobile apps that complement specific water quality instruments like pH testers and conductivity testers to track important data on their phones, keeping tabs on water stored in various locations from one device. This enables them to monitor more water in more locations more efficiently.

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Calibration Tips 101: 4 Tips for Maintaining pH Meters and Probes

Imagine you’re using a ruler to measure something in inches. There’s just one problem: The space the ruler claims is an inch is actually 6/8 of an inch. If you didn’t know that, none of your measurements would be accurate.

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