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ORP's Role in Water Contamination

Water contamination affects all life forms and is a critical concern today. Pollutants from human-induced as well as natural sources flow through groundwater and into drinking water.

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pH in Hydroponics: How to Maintain the pH Levels of Hydroponic Systems

You can hardly wait to get started with your hydroponic system. You’ve researched light, spacing, and nutrient requirements for your plants. Don’t forget one of the most important factors in hydroponics: pH levels. If the pH level is too high or too low, plants cannot absorb nutrients and will not thrive in otherwise ideal conditions.  Read on to learn the role of pH in hydroponic systems and how to properly monitor and maintain its levels.

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What Makes Jenco Different Than Other Water Quality Meter Suppliers


We understand our distributors and end users have options when it comes to selecting the right water quality meter suppliers for their pH, ORP, conductivity, ion and dissolved oxygen meters. Beyond having great products and services, distributors and end users want to understand what we do, how we do it and perhaps most importantly, why we do what we do.  Let us share this with you!

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