Environmental monitoring and research is a vast field with many unique subsets. In order to monitor and study changes to groundwater, surface water, stormwater, soil, and other natural resources, researchers need to be able to take consistent water quality measurements in a variety of environments and locations.

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In this industry, equipment mobility, reliability, and accuracy are important. Researchers need a means of taking accurate readings from a variety of natural locations and require robust equipment that can withstand exposure to natural elements like dirt and rain, as well as excessive movement. Data memory storage, battery life, and meter readability are exceptionally important for field testing due to varying weather conditions and the remote nature of collection sites.

Many researchers in this industry are also actively seeking out ways to automate more of the data collection process rather than relying solely on manual testing and sample collection. That said, finding a durable yet accurate product and relaying data from the remote site to a research facility can be challenging without access to a power grid.

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