Water quality monitoring equipment is used in private residences and commercial-sized swimming pools to determine how clean the water is and how much sterilizer should be use to maintaining a safe swimming environment. In the pool and spa industry, users are typically interested in testing pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), free and combined chlorine, alkalinity, and temperature.

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Commercial pools demand continuous water quality monitoring and need an efficient means of evaluating incoming data and adjusting pH and alkalinity levels. In addition, commercial facilities often require manual spot checks to confirm data supplied by inline monitors.

Due to regulations preventing the use of glass in proximity to a pool in some countries/regions, this industry demands special precautions (such as attaching an electrode to a bypass) or alternatives to glass-bodied electrodes.

With regard to backyard pools and spas, users are typically untrained and don’t have an in-depth knowledge of water quality testing or equipment. As such, they need a product that’s easy to calibrate, intuitive to use, reliable, reasonably priced, and doesn’t require upkeep.

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