Similar to the aquaculture industry, aquariums and fish tanks require frequent pH, ORP, DO, salinity, and temperature monitoring to support aquatic life. Users in this industry include individual consumers with fish tanks, as well as large-scale public aquariums.

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For individual consumers who have residential fish tanks, price and ease of use are key. Because consumers aren’t well-versed in water quality monitoring technology, it’s important that the tool they use can guide them through calibration and make it easy for them to access and understand the data they need.

With regards to large aquariums, the type of water quality equipment used depends on the complexity of the ecology housed within the tanks. In addition to monitoring pH, ORP, DO, salinity, and temperature, large aquariums must maintain specific turbidity levels and varying amounts of natural seawater and artificial seawater depending on the species of animals present. Aquarium businesses seek out tools that can provide constant monitoring and may need an efficient means of adjusting seawater or chemical levels based on measurements. Typically, large aquariums also manually spot measurements to verify the accuracy of inline measurements.

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