The Aquaculture industry is responsible for supplying over 44 percent of all the seafood consumed today. In this multi-billion dollar industry, maintaining strict water quality standards is essential to production and profitability.

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Because fish and other aquatic animals require specific levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in order to survive and grow, aquacultural farmers must routinely check DO as well as pH levels which can also affect the water’s ability to absorb oxygen. Although too little DO can be toxic to aquatic life, too much can lead to further contamination, so maintaining precise levels and accurate measurements is crucial. In addition, specific salinity levels must be maintained to support saltwater species.

Monitoring centers are typically not located at the aquaculture site, so farmers need a means of storing and/or relaying data for future analysis. Because aquatic lifeforms are so sensitive to changes in DO, pH, and salinity levels, it’s important that water quality monitoring equipment can facilitate dosing adjustments when necessary.

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